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TCN Coded Bonus System

We are confident that this part of our compensation plan is one of the best in the online marketing world, here is how it works.

Your Personal Referrals will always appear as "Direct Referrals" in your phase two view Power-Grid down line and will remain in your phase two Power-Grid down line forever.

However, for the purposes of the phase one TCN Coded Bonus System your Personal Referrals will be coded for commission bonuses to yourself and others as follows;
  • You 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th Referrals will all be coded directly to you.
  • Your 1st Referral will be coded directly to the product vendor whom is providing the product which is being sold.
  • Your 2nd, 4th, and 7th Referrals will be coded to your up-line.
  • Your 10th Referral will be coded to a Charity.
When your Coded Referrals begin building they will then pass up their 2nd, 4th, 7th and 12th Referrals to be Coded to you, their Coded Up-line. This makes for incredible earning possibilities, and furthermore, it helps you build a team, and lets your team work for you!

Coded Bonus Example: Let’s say you personally refer 10 people whom purchase a qualified product or service, and each of these 10 refer another 10 people whom all purchase a qualified product or service. Without a coding system you could potentially earn a direct bonus on 10 sales. With our Coding Bonus System you would receive a Coded Bonus on 35 sales. Duplicated over 3 levels you would receive a Coded Bonus on 125. In this example starting with just 10 personal referrals you could have an infinite amount of people coded to you since you can receive coded bonuses up to 10 levels of personal referrals.

More examples: Let's say you personally refer 5 people whom purchase a qualified product or service you would have 2 personally coded to you. If this was duplicated 10 levels you would have 2,046 sales personally coded to you and if you just increased it to 7 personal referrals whom purchased product you would have 3 personally coded to you. If this was duplicated 10 levels you would have 88,572 sales personally coded to you. As you can see phase one coding works.

This means that once you have begun building your team which is marketing our products and services you will be getting direct benefit from the team building efforts of everyone on your first level. Otherwise, if there were no coded referrals, you will need to keep marketing with the same speed forever.

The secret to being successful with a Coded Bonus system is to only focus on sales Coded to you. Always remember that even the sales you personally make that are not coded to you are still all in your first level of your phase two ten level Power-Grid Compensation Plan which is used when TCN Dollars are spent. There is no limit to the amount sales you can make. The more personal sales you make the more will be coded to you and your up line, thus helping your team reach the maximum annual earnings sooner.

The TCN Coded Bonus system limits the roll up of coded sales to you to 10 levels of personal referral sales.


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