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Leadership Support Team

When you need help, our leadership is ready. We are ready with excited, knowledgeable Referral Agent support that is passionate about making your experience perfect with TCN. To deliver this service, we partner you with a dedicated TCN Referral Agents for true one-on-one support and accountability from someone who has been there.

Joe Reid, Master Referral Agent "MRA"

Joe Reid graduated from the University of the West Indies (UWI) with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked in Jamaica as an Engineer for 3 years after which he migrated to the USA. After getting accepted to Dental School, Joe temporarily flirted with the idea of being a Dentist but eventually started his MBA studies at Baruch University. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 10 years managing a territory in Brooklyn. This is where he honed his sales and marketing skills working within a territory covering over 500 doctors and 4 hospitals`. During that time he experienced great part time success in network marketing and eventually went full-time in the fall of 1993. He has been a full-time industry professional since. Joe Reid has worked with and mentored several thousand individuals to enjoy varying levels of success in this wonderful industry, several of which have gone on to become millionaires. Joe is working on completing his first book. "Timing is everything", and is Co-founder of the Billionaire Mastermind Forum, a self improvement forum. Joe has earned 7 Figures with two separate Network Marketing Companies. He says all he has done in 28 years of marketing is culminating here with T.C.N.


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