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Low Risk & Inexpensive Start

Recent studies have shown that General Nutrition Center (GNC) is one of the fastest growing franchises in America. Just the cost of the franchise rights to open a GNC retail store is $170,000; this does not include the initial inventory to stock the store, the equipment needed to open the store, the finish-out of the store, the other operational or occupational licenses necessary to open a business. What happens if you pick the wrong location or the wrong business for that location? You not only loose your investment but your ongoing operating expenses as well. Investments, stocks, commodities, real estate -- all of these require a large initial investment and frequently require ongoing operational expenses.

Compared to the cost of starting and running your own business, opening a franchise or speculative investing, the cost of starting a network marketing business is minimal. Frequently, the total investment to begin is under $1,000.

Why Network Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for you!
  1. Low Start-Up Cost
  2. Low Risk
  3. No need for expensive equipment
  4. No need for employees\No territory restrictions
  5. International Expansion
  6. Opportunity to earn Residual Income
  7. A Proven Marketing System


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