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Fantasy Golf Tour RevShare

Fantasy Golf Tour RevShare Overview   |   View Pricing and Compensation Plan Payouts for this Opportunity

Cash In on the most exciting Fantasy Golf game online with our FGT RevShare Program. FGT is proud to introduce a new concept in revenue sharing, exclusively to TCN agents, a program designed around a concept for quick results and sustainability for the long term. Earn every week, 52 weeks of the year even if you don't recruit anyone - It's simply Marvelous!

By now, many understand the power of a Revenue Sharing model and know exactly how these types of models can literally change your life in just a few short months.

FGT's revenue sharing model differs from the usual multi-level marketing type of program, in that the amount of money you earn doesn't depend solely on the number of people you recruit - in fact, with our model you can earn without recruiting anyone at all. Instead, our marketers, known as Promoters earn money by giving away Coupons for Free Contest entries to potential new Contestants or Promoters. The Coupons provide the recipients a chance register, play and potentially win thousands of dollars each week in a FGT Fantasy Golf Game with hopes that they will play again in a paid entry contest in the future.

As a Promoter within the RevShare Program your aim is to accumulate Points which are used to calculate your pro-rated share of the company's weekly revenue. During the term of the RevShare program all RevShare Awards earned are used to buy additional Coupons which results in more Points being awarded. Your accumulated Points continue to earn every week for 13 weeks and then expire. At the end of the program your accumulated and unexpired Points are converted directly to cash which is instantly paid to you. To qualify for the weekly RevShare Awards you have to have RevShare Points in your account and also participate in the Company Marketing efforts by giving away Coupons which result in Contestants playing in paid Contests.

Although you do not have to recruit to earn money, you can earn extra income by doing so. In fact, you can earn commission on ten levels, 5% on the first level and an additional 0.5% on 10 levels of your RevShare downline structure. The great feature is that even if you don't want to recruit, you can still earn 0.5% commission on Promoters placed in your downline by other Promoters. A Matching Bonus of 10% of the RevTeam earnings of Promoters in your downline is also paid to those that qualify. So if you are eager to earn money from home, revenue sharing is a great opportunity for you as you can earn whether you enjoy recruiting or not.

Simply put, FGT has taken revenue sharing to a new level by marrying an extra ordinary coupon with an indomitable virtual product with worldwide appeal.

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